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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

Spring Equinox Day

Cherry blossoms

Today’s a holiday, specifically Vernal Equinox Day. Spring is officially here: Yey! Except for the pollen allergy spring is a wonderful season.

Since our gym membership does not include holidays I decided we should go for a long walk. My husband wanted to run errands using the car. But I insisted on walking. The drugstore, grocery store, DIY store, Starbucks—almost everything was within walking distance.

So we walked. 17,000 steps according to the step-o-meter. The weather was fine so we also went to the park to take photos. I love the cherry blossoms in full bloom!

I missed swimming at the pool. But we came home tired enough for me to figure that we walked enough.

Looking forward to gym/pool time tomorrow night.

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  • slf

    I wonder how many steps I make per day. You did almost double the recommended 10k steps daily. Can you imagine doing half of that daily?

    • beverlyclaire

      N and I each bought a step-o-meter (same brand but different types), but I don’t think they’re really accurate. You have to input the length of your stride, and it calculates based on that. It seems there’s a difference where you put it (I use mine as a necklace while N clips his to the belt), and whether you are bouncing when walking or walking really flat, etc. We walk the exact same distance but since there’s a difference in how we set up the meters there’s a discrepancy of up to 500 step counts. But then there’s no other way to measure, so we just round our counts to the nearest thousand.

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