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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

A Treadmill Eureka

silhouette of man running in an urban scene

Last month, when I started running on the treadmill, I could barely manage 3km. I would end up huffing and puffing, tired and just wanting to get over with.

Tonight, I did a 4km. I wasn’t all that tired. I wasn’t out of breath. I felt that I could have run farther, but since the machine had a 30min time limit I had to get off.

So happy! My goal of running 5km five days a week is closer to becoming reality.

Running with the Pose Method made all the difference. I made sure to do deep breathing, or yoga or belly breathing as others call it. I found that concentrating on breathing as deep as you can instead of counting the minutes till the run is over helps. I didn’t count 1, 2…, but instead went with “breathe iiiiin, and ooooout…”

Before running, I did 30min on the recumbent exercise bicycle. My thighs, back and knees were tired so I doubted I could cover a 4km on the treadmill.

Turns out the Pose Method just makes everything easier.

Now all I need is the right pair of shoes! 🙂

I’m really exited about mastering the Pose Method and running even longer.

Time with the Machines and Pool

  • Chest Press 4.5kg, 30x
  • Sit-up 40x
  • Leg Press 22.5, 40x
  • Torso Rotation 14kg, 60x
  • Lat Pulldown 11.5kg, 30x
  • Hip Flexer 15x
  • Abdominal 60x
  • Back Extension 10x
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike 30min, 6.5km (I dislike the recumbent! Next time I’ll just do the upright one.)
  • Running 30min = 4km at 5.5-8km/h, slope 0.0%
  • Mechanical Horse medium strength @ 10min
  • Diet Trainier 5min @ 20
  • Pool No pool today. I did 3 rounds on the machines to prepare for session with trainer on Monday.

Things to remember:

Notes to Self: Do

  • Make sure your lifting foot is under your hip. Think running in place.
  • Focus on deep breathing. Breathe in until you feel your belly move.
  • Relax your upper body. You have the bad habit of clenching your arms and shoulders. Relax!

Notes to Self: Don’t

  • Slouch. On the treadmill. Anywhere, in fact.
  • Mind that the guy running next to you is doing a 10km/h. You’ll get there someday! Just keep up the constant 7.5-8km/h you are doing now. And then increase incrementally. Before you know it you’ll be doing a 10.
  • Ever skip the pool again. Even if you only have 15min left, go. You always feel much better after a swim in the pool.

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