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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

Against the Wind

Wind sock

The days have gotten so much warmer. It’s more like late spring May than early spring March. There was strong wind in the morning but my husband and I decided to take a walk in the park.

On our way there we stopped by a local Starbucks for brunch. I ordered a Dark Mocha Chocolate Chip Cream frappuccino. Venti size. A treat, for waking up and getting out of the house to do some exercise 🙂

I also ordered a sandwich, Grain Bread with Chicken Cream Cheese & Spinach. Despite being hungry, I couldn’t eat it all (so gave a third to my husband).

The miraculous part? I didn’t order anything sweet. Last year, whenever I was at a Starbucks for brunch I would always order a piece of cake or some other sugary baked product for dessert. But not today. Not even a little macaron.


I think I’m getting better at eating less sweets. Let’s see how many weeks I can go without craving sugary baked treats.

Dirty, Windy Walk

Sunday is our no gym/pool day. I’ll call it our “park day”.

My husband strained his shins at the exercise bike in the gym, so we didn’t run, just walked.

While the weather was warm, there was strong wind the entire time, whipping up dust clouds everywhere. We walked around the park for about two hours.

We forgot to bring sunglasses so by the time we arrived home our eyes hurt like crazy from all the dust. We immediately showered and used eye drops to clean the eyes.


Lesson learned? On warm sunny days always bring sunglasses!

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