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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

March 2013 Wrap-Up: Slacking Off

oh dear me

What a terrible month.

Learning how to run better on a treadmill got me off to a good start, and you’d think I’d be up for the daily 4km running challenge.

But I started to cave in to bad food temptation. And then battled seasonal allergies as I tried to get back into the gym habit.

Running outdoors was not all that motivating either. Nor was being unable to visualize a good swim.

The entire month was a war between the Fat Lazy me and the Healthy Motivated me. When the latter won it was pure joy. When the former triumphed I felt like crap. Still, the bad side trumped the good one more often than not.

When the weather was nice we managed to get ourselves out there and walk for health. But alas, no more running.

Despite all that, I somewhat managed to improve my fitness score, but only a little.

What I did see, however, was that exercising really does make a difference. And better to do some than do nothing at all.

My swimming hasn’t improved much this month, as I hadn’t been working patiently on the drills. My excuse is that the weather is getting warmer and the pool is getting crowded. It’s hard to drill on a gym’s crowded, shared pool lane, something that people with their own home pool just can’t understand.

But that’s an excuse. As we all know, if there’s a will, there’s way.

March was pretty crappy all in all. I could only hope April will be different.

Next month I’d like to get serious about learning the breaststroke, though I don’t care much for it. Also, I’m doing a 4 x 25m set but would like to turn properly and be able to do a 100m.

April, here I come. Somehow I’m not all revved up. But as they say, tomorrow is another day.

How did March turn out for you?

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