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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

Trying Out the Upright Bicycle

cycling workout

Do you remember the first time you rode a bicycle?

I remember when I was about 9 years old. Our mother bought us a small-ish blue bicycle and my brother and I took turns teaching ourselves how to ride it sans training wheels. Ma herself never had a bike as a child and had not learned how to ride.

Somehow I managed to teach myself and was soon careening down a slope (and crashing and scraping my knees). Once I had learned how to ride I’ve never forgotten how, though a near collision with a car while riding my bicycle in college made me wary of the whole two-wheel transportation thing.

I’m pretty sure I could still ride a bicycle. We have one at home but it’s left out in the cold rusting and practically dead. Neither my husband nor I feel like hopping onto one anymore.

But in the gym it’s somehow “easier” to hop onto the cycling machine instead of the treadmill. I guess it has something to do with being able to “nap” while pedaling. If you nod off on the treadmill you’ll likely slip and hit your head somewhere, but on the cycling machine you’ll just slow down to a stop.

I skipped the treadmill tonight and tried out the upright bicycle for half an hour. I could only do Levels 6 to 8 for a total of 7km. Pretty hard on the legs and thighs, this thing. But if working them will help me get rid of cellulite then I’ll try again.

Time with the Machines and Pool

  • Lat Pulldown 18kg, 10x
  • Chest Press 11.5kg, 20x
  • Leg Press 31.5 + 4.5kg, 20x
  • Torso Rotation 14kg, 20x
  • Triceps Press 6.8kg, 10x
  • Hip Flexer 5x
  • Abdominal 21.5kg, 10x
  • Back Extension 10x
  • Upright Exercise Bike 30min, Levels 6-8, 7km
  • Mechanical Horse 10min
  • Pool 45min: warm-up with drills (SG, Switch), 4 x 25m crawl, 10 x 25m backstroke, about 15min of breaststroke drills
  • Low Row Skipped
  • Sit-up Skipped
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike Skipped
  • Running Skipped
  • Diet Trainer Skipped

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