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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

Billy’s Boot Camp Day 1: Basic Training

The gym was closed today (aaargh!) so I decided to do the Basic Training portion of the Billy’s Boot Camp Box Set DVD.

Boot Camp Craze

51KOx6vcETL Years ago Billy Blanks’ exercise DVDs became a huge hit in Japan. It was heavily promoted on TV and the entire nation went Billy crazy.

Promising tangible results in a month, it was an incredibly attractive proposition to all the fat people, me included. I remember a few other colleagues at work buying the DVDs.

We weren’t the only fans. My fitness freak of a sister-in-law swears by its content. She’s a working mother of two, runs full marathons as a hobby and thinks the workouts are really good. And my niece is a living proof that it works: she lost 15kgs before her wedding by faithfully doing the workouts.

Unable to Keep Up

But me, I found the boot camp to be too hard. I couldn’t keep up.

Since I have the coordination and muscle memory of a pebble I had a hard time following the steps. I was really unfit, too, so I felt like dying after a workout.

It was a punishing routine. I gave up after a couple of sessions. There were three DVDs in the box but I never went past the first one.

Giving It Another Go

Tonight, since we couldn’t go to the gym I forced my very unwilling husband to do the first workout DVD with me.

Billy's Boot Camp Basic Training DVD I suspect it was the two weeks we did at the gym, but tonight I wasn’t dying after the workout.

I actually enjoyed it, in a weird masochistic sort of way. I still am unable to follow the steps precisely, but I tried to constantly scrunch my abs and other muscles.

I now think that “feeling the burn” is more important than being able to gracefully follow the steps. They’re a mix of Tae Bo, yoga, aerobics, kickboxing etc, simply too complicated for me.

But I was sweating and in a good kind of pain afterward.

So I’ll call that a nice workout. I should do this everyday!

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  • slf

    Yay for managing to enjoy a workout you used to hate!

    Hope you bring get to use it more often and have fun using all the disks.

    And good for N. for trying it out too, however reluctantly.

    • beverlyclaire

      :) Thanks, I really think the daily gym and swim drills are working. I feel physically better than I ever did. But I feel one of the reasons I was able to do the Boot Camp workout better is a matter of mentality: “So what if I can’t follow the steps perfectly, as long as I’m scrunching the proper muscles and sweating and ‘feeling the burn’…”

      Hubby hates DVD workouts but at least he’s going to the gym/pool, though he spends half the time that I do there. I just hope we can keep it up until the end of the year :)

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