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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

Love the Running Machine

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Tonight was time with the gym machines. I spent an hour working some muscles and sweated a bit on the running machine.

A long time ago, when I was at university I actually enjoyed running. I would jog around a nearby park and then go up and down a long flight of stairs leading to a small temple. But once I graduated and joined the workforce I simply left running and jogging and any other type of exercise behind. Such a tragedy!

As we were running on the machines I looked at a couple of the young men’s screens next to mine. They were running at 10km/h while I was only doing 6km/h. I hope I can up the tempo next time and eventually be able to run at 10km/h for 30 minutes.

Time with the Machines

  • Chest Press 4.5kg, 10x
  • Sit-up 10x
  • Leg Press 22.5 + 2.3kg, 10x
  • Hip Flexer 3x
  • Torso Rotation 5 + 4.4kg, 20x and 14kg, 20x
  • Lat Pulldown 11.5kg, 10x
  • Running 30min = 6km/h, slope 2.0%, 3-5km/h break in between (about 5min)
  • Diet Trainer 5min @ 25
  • Pool 60min of random play

Tonight I was reminded of how much I liked to run. It was one of the things I could do; I was bad at every sport mankind has invented but hey, I could jog/run.

After working up a sweat in the gym I changed and went to the pool. Had to share the lane all throughout but it wasn’t as crowded as last night. Still am unable to go past the first breathing drill in Lesson 3 of Total Immersion Swimming: Perpetual Motion Freestyle in Ten Lessons DVD.


I’m beginning to feel that the Total Immersion method of learning has a prerequisite: the muscles needed to have a balanced core. Since my core is all fat and no muscle, I don’t think I’ll ever get past the first breathing drill.

I’m just starting to work on my core muscles. I feel it will take years and years.


But as they say, better late than never.

Notes to Self: Do

  • Bring your water bottle with you when on the running machine. Not good to run while dying of thirst.
  • Rotate with your hips and not just your shoulders when in the water.

Notes to Self: Don’t

  • Be lazy on the sit ups! Work them abs, girl!
  • Rely on a flutter kick to rotate from a stomach float to a back float. Rely on your entire body!

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