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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

The Slip-Up

Burger and fries


Today I broke down and ate everything listed in The Ultimate List of Foods to Avoid.

I’ve been so good this year, making major cuts on junk food consumption, doing portion control and eating healthy in general.

Until today.

Cake buffet

I’m swimming in a pool of guilt.

What have I done?

I’ll make up for all the bad cholesterol and calories by working out hard tomorrow…


I need to recover from this episode of binge eating. I need to get back on track. I might need to start a food diary again, though I tried that before and could only keep it up for a week…

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  • slf

    Eh. Maybe your current diet is too restrictive?
    Eat everything! Just very little of the bad stuff. Share/split the smallest portions available. Save the other half to eat another day.

    Just don’t keep any of the not-so-good foods at home. That’s a sure way of breaking your diet commitments.

    • beverlyclaire

      I was too lazy to cook dinner and when husband asked if he could buy burger/fries/the whole bad lot I agreed and asked him to buy me a set as well. Gaaahhh! I don’t think our diet is too restrictive. But I ate all the health bars (a week’s portion) in one sitting. Gaaaahhhh!

  • slf

    Funny video!! “When I can’t zip my pants, or coat or parka, I’ll just stick out my chinS, suck it in, and saaaay!”

    • beverlyclaire

      “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll workout, tomorrow…”

      They should have included me in the video! :D