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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

Jogging at the Park


Today’s a national holiday in Japan but since my gym membership is limited to weekday + Saturday nights (not including holidays) I had no access to the pool or gym.

Instead, my husband and I decided to do a run/jog/walk at the park. We each did 6km or 15,200 steps. The weather was not too cold so it was fun! We challenged each other to run the fastest up several flights of stairs or steep slopes. Hubby beat me each time—augh! The only time I won was during a very short flight of stairs; it seems I have speed and power at the start dash but lose momentum in the end. My husband lets me think I am running faster and then makes that last minute big effort, which I am unable to top. Will try to change tactics next time 🙂

The camellias were in full bloom at the park. I love their cheery dark pink presence.

There were also several joggers going around the park. They all seem so skinny and run so fast! Ah, to look like that again someday…

On our way home we went to a Starbucks to buy coffee. I treated myself to a chocolate macaron 🙂

I think I’ve been good lately. Last year I would eat a bar of milk chocolate every single day. This year, after starting swimming classes and becoming a member at the gym, I’m less inclined to eat sweets. I make myself eat a banana or orange instead. But as a long-time chocoholic it’s a painful withdrawal process. Since I don’t like dark chocolate I don’t have much choice with this chocolate thing. I wish there was some kind of choco-patch, like the one that helps smokers quit.

Tonight I hope to do some stretches. Yesterday I regressed to my lazy, couch potato self and completely vegetated. Still feeling guilty. Will try to assuage the guilt with mat exercise 🙂

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