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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

New Backstroke DVD!

Backstroke for Every Body

It’s here! The Backstroke For Every Body By Total Immersion Swimming DVD arrived in the mail today.

I actually purchased the Japanese version called 「カンタン・背泳ぎ」. I found out that since the postage is free for local delivery, it’s actually cheaper to buy the localized version through Amazon Japan than importing from Amazon USA.

Japanese version of Backstroke for Every Body

The content is the same. There is a difference in the packaging, and the Japanese version includes the option of choosing English (original) or Japanese narration, but apart from that it’s the same DVD.

If you live in Japan and want to purchase Total Immersion Swimming products you might want to consider the localized version and save on postage. There is a list of available DVDs here. Note that some of the DVDs are created by TI Japan and have Japanese narration only. Make sure to check the TI Japan DVD page for details and a sample video clip.

I popped the new DVD in and watched the first few lessons. Gotta go practice, practice, practice. Can’t wait to hit the pool tomorrow!

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