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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

Choosing a Bathing Suit

What’s your preferred swimwear for training?

Most of the women in class wear what is called in Japan the “fitness” type of bathing suit. The school rule is that you can wear anything except bikinis, so there are also some that wear Hawaiin-floral one piece bathing suits.

I prefer the less colorful kind. Below is the one I have, in black.

Arena Ladies' Bathing Suit Separates

The brand is Arena. It looks like a leg suit but the top and bottom are separate. I like the high neckline and back. When shopping for an appropriate swimsuit I waffled between this and a similar Speedo. In the end, since the Arena one was on sale I went with it.

After a month of twice-a-week classes, I still like this suit, but since the top and bottom are separate there are times when the top sort of rolls up exposing some of my stomach. I notice and pull it back down. But that got me to considering a full body, short leg type of swimsuit.

Like the ARENA Ladies Powerskin ST Full Body Short Leg Swimsuit, 26in.

ARENA Ladies Powerskin ST Full Body Short Leg Swimsuit

Perhaps one day I’ll be needing something like the Speedo LZR Elite Kneeskin.

Speedo LZR Elite Kneeskin Female

Or even more expensive, the ARENA Carbo Pro Full Body Ladies Swim Suit (Closed Back).

ARENA Carbo Pro Full Body Ladies Swim Suit (Closed Back)

Hehehe 🙂

In the meantime, I’m reading up on swimwear so I could choose one more carefully next time. The thing is I don’t want to buy a new one until I go down a size! I wonder how long that will take…

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