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Travails of a Non-Swimmer

The Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

I’m looking for the perfect pair of running shoes. Something that can be used on both the treadmill as well as outdoors.

I tried out Runner’s World’s Shoe Advisor. I read RunAddict’s shoe advice.

The Pose Method, which I am trying to practice, recommends light, thin-soled shoes.

So I went to the largest sporting goods store in town to try out a few pairs.

The New Balance Minimus Zero was on 44% sale, so it was the first I tried.

New Balance Minimus Zero for Women

It was ultra-lightweight and had 0mm drop. New Balance says the shoe is a “new approach to footwear, a place on the spectrum from barefoot running to the traditional maximum-cushioning running shoe.”

Unfortunately, probably due to the reduced toe box depth, and no thanks to my fat, ultra-wide feet, the fit just didn’t feel right. Right price, wrong fit. Sigh.

Vivobarefoot Women's Evo II Running Shoe

I liked the Vivobarefoot Women’s Evo II Running Shoe. It was lightweight and fit well. Vivobarefoot says the “anatomic shape of the shoe and zero-drop profile allow the foot to move naturally, and the ultra-thin, patented, puncture-resistant outsole offers maximum proprioception with protection.”

Unfortunately, it was expensive! I wonder when it would go on sale?

Merrell Run Pace Glove

My favorite was the Merrell Women’s Barefoot Run Pace Glove. It uses the Vibram® Trail Glove Sole, so lightweight. Merrell says “1mm forefoot shock absorption plate maintains forefoot flexibility and protects the foot by distributing pressure.”

I tried it and the fit was perfect. It felt quite comfortable. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on sale at the store. I’ll try to find some online bargains. This one’s now on my wish list.

In the meantime, I’m running with my cheap pink-and-black Puma Women’s Wylie Eternity sneakers.

Puma Wylie Eternity Sneakers

They aren’t pure running shoes so are somewhat uncomfortable on the treadmill. But they were on half-price winter sale so I purchased them in January for daily gym use.

Should I stop being a cheapskate and shell out for a pair of barefoot running shoes at regular price? Am I encouraging poor form with my regular cushioned sneakers?

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